Jerry Walk – Class of 1957

From the Belmont area, upon his arrival at Stivers, Jerry played running back for four years in football and ran track for three years. He won the 100 yard dash at the time when Stivers easily won the city-wide freshman track meet. He played football, weighing in at 155 pounds with a height of 5’6”.

He made up for his lack of size with unusual quickness and toughness. His sophomore year Stivers beat Chaminade and won the city championship. His final two years when enrollment was drastically reduced because of the opening of Belmont High School, on a still very good Stivers team, Jerry was among the city’s leading scorers.

After graduation he enlisted in the army and continued playing football in Germany, on the Geinhausen Army Base team with many former college players like Jim Roseboro from O.S.U. Jerry was a regular player on this team, which was one of Europe’s top army base teams. Returning home, Jerry entered the printing industry and renewed his Stivers connection by helping Joe Sullivan coach baseball and scouting for the Tiger football team.

He coached pee wee football as well for seventeen years and also helped to coach Patterson H.S. football for three years. Jerry and his first wife JoAnn had three children; Cindy, Ty, and Chuck.

He just recently lost his second wife, Brenda. Jerry has been greatly affected by his time at Stivers-always attending class reunions, luncheons with former teammates, and staying connected with these friends from long ago.

His life is another example of our school’s powerful influence which goes beyond normal understanding.

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