Alumni Association

The Stivers Alumni Association consists of a membership of paid members from all graduating classes of Stivers High School, Stivers Patterson and Stivers School for the Arts.  Membership dues are paid annually.

The Stivers Alumni Association was established on September 25, 1990 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  The Stivers Alumni Association is governed by a board consisting of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The Association holds no less than four meetings per year as well as publishing a newsletter four times a  year.  The Association holds two events per year, one in the spring and one in the fall, for the purpose of scholarships and operating needs of the  Association.  Scholarships are awarded to Stivers alumnus or a lineal descendent of a Stivers alumnus of not more than three generations.



The purpose of the Alumni Association is to promote goodwill among each other and to support the success of all members.

We are here to connect the past, present and future all Tigers.

It is time to unite and communicate to promote and protect the enduring values of the school.

We are not just Friends – We are Family!



President – Judy Kennard ’65  (937)573-8116

Vice-President – Gayle Maberry ’80 (937)286-6707

Treasurer – Bob Foster ’69 (937)434-4373

Secretary – Becki Foster ’66 (937)434-4373

Newsletter – Sarah Bennett ’04 (937)414-4373

Alumni Room – Archives – Sharon Kain Holt ’73 (937)204-0153

Scholarships – Gayle Maberry ’80 (937)286-6707

Hall of Fame Chairman – Paul Lewis ’67 (937)530-2045