Ed Tate 1948 – Special Recognition

During the past fifty years, there have been few people as deeply involved in Dayton amateur sports as has Ed Tate. He is an east ender from Huffman and Cleveland grade schools and Stivers where he played baseball, football and basketball (on the 1947 City Championship team). After Stivers, Ed played twelve years for the semi-pro Dayton Triangles football team, managing the team for ve of those years, and has been inducted into Triangles Hall of Fame. (In 1920 the Triangles were among the forerunners of the N.F.L.) In addition he is a member of the Dayton Slow Pitch Hall of Fame. Ed also coached some of the top amateur basketball teams in Ohio, including two championship Stivers Alumni teams in the annual holiday tourneys sponsored by the YMCA.

Many faceted, Ed owned and operated tire stores and sport stores from which he donated much equipment to Stivers varsity teams. At one time he owned the Bengal, a favorite Stivers eating place and hangout.

In 2006, after fifty-eight years of sports involvement, Ed Tate’s legacy continued when his love of sports and of Stivers led him to conceive and initiate the Stivers Athletic Hall of Fame. With others from the Class of 1948, he executed the first Stivers Hall of Fame event which was held at the Antioch Shrine Temple. Ed is truly the father of the Stivers Athletic Hall of Fame.

Ed married Phyllis Andrews ‘49, and their union produced a daughter, April, and a son, Terry. His two daughters, Staci and Cheri, are from his subsequent second marriage. In the late 1990s, Ed retired to Indian Lake, OH where he still resides.

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