Floyd Stahl – Coach

Floyd “Shorty” Stahl was head coach of basketball and football at Stivers from the fall of 1926 until the final 1928-1929 season. The first team he coached at Stivers was the 1926 – 1927 team. They won 21 games out of 23. Bob Lively was Captain of the 1928 team. In an interview with Marc Katz, Bob said, “Stahl wouldn’t raise his voice – He’d tell you once and that was it. You were supposed to get it. He was really a wonderful coach.” In 1929 the team won 29 games out of 30. The state championships were played in the old wooden Columbus Fairgrounds Coliseum. Stivers record of 3 straight tournament wins in 1927, 1928 and 1929 has never been beaten. Of the team Stahl said “They were special, they must have learned discipline at home. We had good solid kids.” After 1929, Coach Stahl went on to coach college ball at Ohio State University.

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