Gary Butts – 1956

At Stivers, Gary Butts played three years varsity football and was starting tackle on the 1955 City Champions. Gary also participated on the track and golf teams. He graduated in 1956.

Gary was the first alternate in the State of Ohio to go to Annapolis Naval Academy. This was quite an honor as only two students in the state of Ohio qualied. Gary attended University of Cincinnati on a football scholarship. He played one year before his acceptance in their work/ school program with the Sheffield Corporation.

While at UC, Gary joined the Naval Reserves as he planned to make the Navy his career after graduation. He continued his involvement in athletics at UC by becoming a tutor in the UC basketball program and was the tutor for Oscar Robertson and several other rst string players. We all know how this turned out!

After graduating, Gary joined the United States Navy as an ensign and served during the Cuban crisis, stationed o  Cuba. His duties included directing ships away from Cuban waters and decoding messages sent to other ships. He was soon promoted to Lieutenant status.

Gary left active duty but remained in the Naval Reserves. He furthered his education by attending University of Dayton earning a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

While employed at Phillips Industries, Gary developed heart related health issues, had two open heart surgeries and passed away in 2004.

He is survived by his sisters, Gloria Klien, Gail Kesling and Gwen Brooks and their families.

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