LeRoy Shouse – 1960

2014HOFShouseAt Stivers, LeRoy was a talented and versatile athlete. During his freshman and sophomore years, LeRoy was a four sport athlete – football, basketball, track, and gymnastics. His freshman year he set the freshman pole vault record, and again in his senior year he set the Stivers pole vault record. In his sophomore, junior and senior years, LeRoy earned varsity letters in track and football.

Throughout his high school years in track, he set school records and placed in the top four at all meets. LeRoy was selected as Dayton Daily News Football Player of the Week and as Honorable Mention all-city quarterback. His senior year, he was awarded the prestigious city-wide Perc Welcome Memorial Scholarship Award for the senior student excelling in scholarship, class leadership and athletic ability. LeRoy also received the city-wide White Allen Scholar Athletic Award. He was a member of the National Honor Society, the junior class vice president, and the senior class president.

LeRoy attended Blackburn College where he was a four sport athlete his freshman and sophomore years. He lettered in soccer, basketball, track and cheer leading. In 1961 he set the Blackburn College pole vault record. In 1962, LeRoy was a goalkeeper for the Blackburn soccer team that was the all Prairie College Conference runner-up. In 1963, he took first place in the pole vault event at the Prairie Conference meet and fourth place in the high hurdles. In 1964, he was the soccer team goal keeper when Blackburn College was the Prairie Conference Champion, and in his senior year he was Prairie Conference Goalie of the Year.

He earned his B.A. degree from Blackburn College in 1964. Leroy went on to medical school at the Ohio State University, earning his M.D. degree in 1969. LeRoy was involved with high school athletics as a team physician for many athletic teams of all disciplines. LeRoy hosted an open clinic, to ensure any child who wanted to participate in a team sport, could receive the necessary physical exam free of financial worry. He did this for 25 years. He was a practicing orthopedic surgeon for 35 years.

LeRoy’s wife, is the former Diane Grimmett. Diane is an accomplished artist in her own right. They have two children, a daughter and an adopted son, and have three grandchildren. In retirement, LeRoy plays golf and enjoys his family.2014HOFshouse52014HOFshouse1

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