Peter Streuber – 1953 (Special Recognition)


Peter J. Streuber lived in east Dayton until he was 3 years old, when in 1937 he moved to St. Joseph’s Orphans Home where he was schooled until he transferred to St. Anthony Catholic School. After first trying high school at Chaminade, Pete entered Stivers and graduated in 1953. During his junior year, he joined the Naval Reserves and at the age 21 went on active duty for two years in the submarine service. He continued his service in the reserves until 1963. Pete spent a few years with the automotive parts builders in the area and he worked in sales for Red Devil Tools. In 1970 he started his own sales company, Repete Sales Co., selling paint sundries and hardware tools for 25 years. He closed the business in 1995 and became National and International Sales Manager for the Embee Corp. until July 1999, when he retired.

At the age of 14, Pete and two friends rode their bicycles the eleven miles from east Dayton to Vandalia to see the Grand American, the national championship of trapshooting, then located on the Dayton Airport grounds near Vandalia. That youthful trip led to a lifetime of love and involvement in the sport of trapshooting, world wide travel, and hundreds of new friendships. In 1956, he married Jackie Gaines, his high school sweetheart, and produced a beautiful family: Hans, Theresa, Karl and Kurt, and four grandchildren. As an aside – ever adventurous, just last year Pete (at the age of 78), his daughter Teri, and granddaughter Rian, repelled 27 stories off the Key Bank Building, raising $3200 in a fund raiser for Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

Pete started shooting Trap in 1966 and became a Life Member of the Amateur Trapshooting Association in 1967. Winning came early and hooked him big time. Pete was inducted into the Ohio Hall of Fame in 2008. He is a top Single Barrel shooter with many top scores. Pete’s list of trophies is quite lengthy and includes non-resident state shoot trophies, ATA zone and ATA central zone, as well as Grand American trophies. Along the way, Pete became friends with a group of Australian shooters who periodically make trips to the Grand Am. He has since shot in both the Australian and New Zealand Trap Nationals and personally sponsors the Wood Point Gun Club in Australia where in 2004 the 75 target Double Barrel Streuber Buckle shoot began. Pete started refereeing in 1974 at the Ohio State Shoot and the next year at the Grand American. He was elected to Ohio’s Board of Directors in 1979 and was elected President of the Association in 1983. He remains active with the board today and serves on several committees.



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