Ray Lamb – 1951

Ray’s first involvement in organized sports was playing basketball and softball at the Lutheran Innermission just down the street from Stivers. After a growth spurt during his freshman year at Stivers, like many scholastic athletes of his time, played three sports, earning six varsity letters. A team leader, he played first team in basketball, baseball, and cross country. His strong personal traits were apparent in his athletic performance. Steady, strong, condent, and well prepared fundamentally, he was one of the most outstanding athletes at Stivers and in southern Ohio in all three sports. As a senior his Stivers basketball team won the city and district championships. The cross country team also won city and district championships.

After high school, Ray was employed by NCR and played DIAA basketball for four years. He quit playing ball when he entered the University of Dayton, majoring in Education, and he did his student teaching at Stivers under the supervision of Traver Sutton. He began his 34 year career with the Dayton City Schools as a social studies teacher. During his eleven year tenure at Belmont High School, he coached basketball and track and earned his Master’s degree from Miami University. He then lled many administrative positions in various Dayton high schools, meanwhile he earned an Ed.S degree from U.D. and Wright State University. Ray finished his career in education as Superintendent of the Lutheran School of Dayton. About his successful career, he comments, “The Dayton City Schools have played a prime role in my life. I strongly believe that my experience at Stivers shaped and guided my educational career. Stivers has held and always hold a special place in my heart.”

Ray’s first marriage produced three beloved sons: Steve and Raymond, now deceased, and Michael who also was an athlete, playing football for Fairmont West. Mike and Renee have presented Ray with three grandchildren — Chad, Conrad, and Skyler Rae. As a senior at Springboro, Conrad was selected as an All Area Ohio football player. Skyler is presently a varsity lacrosse player. Ray and his wife of 25 years, Lydia, reside in Eureka, Arkansas,

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