Robert Andrews – 1931

Robert AndrewsBob Andrews was a part of the generation known as the “Greatest Generation”. He was born in Dayton, the second of seven children (5 boys and 2 girls). His father was a plumber. The family lived in east Dayton where Bobby grew to love all sports. When the boys of the neighborhood met for the semifinals of the playground baseball championship at Riverview park, you could be sure Bobby was there.

Bob attended Emerson School for the 9th grade and then he went to Stivers as a sophomore when the “Tigers were roaring”. In 1930, the Tigers basketball team took the State Title at the Columbus fairgrounds coliseum. He was a 5’8” junior when he worked his way into a starting position under Coach Vi Harper. The Orange courtsters defeated Roosevelt 28-13 in the city championship contest. Bobby’s playing reminded sports reporters of his brother, Sam, who was a part of the Big Orange two years previously. Bob was the high scorer in the26-22 win over New Trier in the pre tournament basketball season with12 points. His family remained linked to sports even after graduation.  His brothers; Sam, Ralph and Dale were acclaimed Stivers basketball players and later in life, all were coaches in the public school system.

In 1943, Bob was drafted into the United States Navy. He was assigned to the USS South Dakota as a 3rd Class Storekeeper. Bob was a feather weight boxer and he won all his matches on the South Dakota.  He won one silver star and one bronze star in the Asiatic Pacific theater and two bronze stars in the Phillipine Liberation conflict.

Bob’s mother-in-law had members of the WCTU(Women’s Christian Temperance Union) write letters to the draft board after she talked to the board about his being married and having three children. Through their efforts, Bob was granted discharge papers. When the captain presented them to Bob, he tore them up and threw them overboard. He said that he was no better than anyone else. Bob worked at Delco after the war was over. He died in 2001 at the age of 89. His wife, three children, grandchildren and great grandchildren were among Bob’s many blessings.

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