Robert Colburn 1929

Colburn attended Stivers from 1926 – 1929. The Stivers team he played with went 29-1, 29-1, and 27-0 in 1928-29-30, the 2 losses coming in a National tournament in Chicago. Bob was only 5’1″ & 102 lbs. when he started but Coach Stahl said that he had such beautiful coordination and that he would grow and he did.

Colburn was a scorer. His name was in the news in Dayton for more than a half-century as a performer, coach and official, and later as an administrator when he became a high school principal. He graduated from Ohio State University in 1935. Bob turned pro and played with the Indianapolis Kautskys in the National Basketball League. He started a coaching career that included basketball and football. At one time he was both basketball coach and principal at Carlisle. Keeping active, Bob wore the striped shirt in both football and basketball, working his last football game at age 73.

He married Sara Ankney in 1934. They had 1 girl, Dotty Tobey and 2 sons, Bob, Jr. and Jim. Bob died at age 89.

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