Robert Mitchell – 1973

2014HOFmitchellRobert Mitchell started his freshman year at Stivers in 1969, the same year the Freedom of Enrollment Act was established. He, along with his good friends Stack and Michael, bravely crossed school districts in hope of achieving a banner year at Stivers High School. Once there, they encountered racial riots at school, but through it all he learned a life lesson: A lesson on how adversity can develop true friendships on the gridiron, the basketball court and the track field.

Bob’s football nickname was “Forbidden Ground”, where he dared anyone to come on his side of the field. He was called “Promises, Promises” in basketball because of an article printed in the Dayton Daily News when they quoted his motto, “A promise made is a promise kept.”

In 1973, his senior year, he was awarded the All-State First Team honors in football as a Defensive End and basketball at Center Position. He also ran the 50 yard dash and the 4 x 4 relay where he lettered in track and field. His hard work earned him the title of Dayton’s All Time All Around Athlete.

After high school he pursued his basketball career at the position of guard/forward at Wilberforce University. He graduated in 1977 with his Bachelor of Science Degree. After graduation he held positions in sales before moving to California, then to Virginia where he worked in the hotel hospitality business.

In 1998 Bob was licensed as a minister and ordained as a pastor in 2000 at the Temple of Jesus Christ Church, Vienna, VA. In 2005, Bob founded By His Grace Ministries and the Shepard House. He currently serves as Senior Pastor and Director of the non profit agency for youth and adult mentoring programs. He is presently pursuing his Doctorate Degree in Theology.

Bob is residing in Stafford, Virginia, along with his wife Fran of 33 years; they have four children, Andre, Jasmine, Crysta and Deljuan and 16 grandchildren.


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