Russ Willoughby 1943 Special Recognition

2016-3a-ai-adobe-readerRuss Willoughby graduated with honors with the class of 1943. He says that one of his proudest achievements, inspired by Miss Millonig, was an Honorable Mention in the national essay contest about the League of Nations.

Mr. Willoughby had jobs with the Dayton Daily News and Western Union while attending Stivers.

Russ played softball in Dayton area leagues for sixty years from 1942 to 2005 and he is a member of the Dayton Fast Pitch Softball Hall of Fame. He served on the Dayton Softball Commission from 1968 until 2003, including two years as its President.

After Russ’s graduation from U.D. in 1953, he founded Willoughby Realty and was in business for over sixty years on Wyoming Street. He also served on the Dayton Area Board of Realtors for fifty-six years from 1953 to 2009.

The Falcons Club was founded in 1942 by Russ and eight other young men. The club still thrives in East Dayton and will celebrate their 75th anniversary this year, due in part to his great leadership skills. He served the club for thirty-five years as Secretary – Treasurer.

Many stories have surfaced over the years as to the generosity and dedication of Russ to the people of East Dayton. Numerous times he was known to have dropped off bats, balls and gloves to kids on area playgrounds.

Russell met the love of his life, Marie, in 1973. They were married for thirty-two years until her death in 2005. He currently lives in Centerville and donates most of his time to the Catholic Church and charity organizations. willo2

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