Stivers 1916 Basketball Team

The 1916 Stivers basketball team won 12 and lost 2 in the regular season, which qualified them for the state tournament in Delaware, Ohio.  There, they were a perfect 6-0 to win the State Championship.

Coach – Willard Marquardt

Team Roster – William Lightner, Carl Ebeling, Arthur Mumma, Emerson Carmony, Brooke Marstiller,

Ed Patterson, Maurice Wright, Charles Crooks, Charles Dudley, Harold Heater and

Carl Van Horn



1916 Season Recap

Regular Season Recap

Stivers 47 vs Xenia 24

Stivers 62 vs Lebanon 10

Stivers 34 vs Alumni 31

Stivers 28 vs Richmond 30

Stivers 56 vs Steele 13

Stivers 61 vs Toledo Scott 21

Stivers 31 vs Hamilton 28

Stivers 60 vs Wellston 12

Stivers 32 vs Toledo Scott 19

Stivers 41 vs Fairview 30

Stivers 40 vs Bowling Green 29

Stivers 60 vs Springfield 46

Stivers 30 vs Piqua 39

Stivers 24 vs Steele 17

Ohio State Tournament Results – 63 Teams in Delaware, Ohio

Stivers 18 vs Cambridge 16

Stivers 22 vs Piqua 16

Stivers 19 vs Bellaire 15

Stivers 27 vs Newark 14

Stivers 30 vs Marietta 16

State Championship

Stivers 46 vs East Liverpool 31

    An interesting note:  Mumma, Carmony, Ebeling and Marstiller attended Stivers for three years, but this was the first year any of them made the basketball team.  Stivers went 6-0 and won the Ohio State Championship with five first year players.  Also, surprising about this team is that they won the state championship without their two best players from the 1914-1915 team, captain, Sam Pollock and Lee Fenner.

Wilson “Jit” Lightner was inducted into the Stivers Athlete Hall of Fame in 2009.

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