William Hale Charch – Class of 1915 Special Recognition Inductee

William Hale Charch was a 1915 Stivers graduate who made significant contributions not only to the Dayton community but to the world at large.  He was a lead chemist a the DuPont Corporation on the invention and development of moisture proof cellophane.  This product revolutionized food storage by preserving foods from air, moisture and bacteria while promoting safety and cleanliness.

Dr. Charch was also the lead scientist in the development of ethyl gasoline which was introduced by General Motors to the automotive industry in the early 1920’s.

Late in his career, Dr. Charch was active in research work on orlon acrylic fibers and polyester fibers for the DuPont Corp.

Dr. Charch was born and raised in Dayton.  After graduating from Stivers he earned his B.S. at Miami University and his PhD in organic Chemistry at Ohio State.

It should also be noted that he received national recognition and awards from various manufacturers and scientific associations.

William hale Charch was a 2020 Inductee of the Dayton Region Walk of Fame.

According to the 1915 Stivers yearbook, Hale Charch was active in the science and music areas and served as class treasurer.  he also wrote the 1915 Class Song and was  a member of the Olympian Society Club.  Significantly, the mission of the Olympian Society Club was to spread the fame of Stivers High School which Dr. Charch certainly achieved.  He died at the age of 60 years in 1958 and is buried i Woodland Cemetery in Dayton.

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